Inlays And Onlays Red Deer

Inlay Onlay Procedure Red DeerIn many cases, damaged or an extensive decayed tooth can be fixed through with the filling of composite resin. That is the reason why we provide a more significant dental restoration that is made from sturdy ceramic materials to give better strength as well as durability for fragile and weakened tooth/teeth.

Not like the typical filling, ceramic Onlays and inlays are made from hard materials outside of your mouth and then attached to your tooth.  Precisely colored to go along with the other teeth perfectly, your tooth restoration reflects light like the natural enamel of your tooth, making sure that onlookers will notice your perfect, beautiful smile and not the dental work.

Onlays And Inlays Overview

Onlays and inlays refer to indirect fillings put on parts of the decayed tooth or broken tooth. An inlay is set in the teeth depression while onlay is placed on the raised areas or cusps of teeth. The initial step of the procedure is for our Red Deer dentist to get rid of the decay and then followed by getting an accurate impression of your tooth and then sends it to the laboratory clinic where it is made. After our expert dentist makes the porcelain, you will revisit our Red Deer dental clinic for a second appointment. During the second appointment, the dentist will attach the onlay or inlay to your tooth.

Gold Onlays And Inlays

There are many dental materials available, but the most popular and the most durable one is gold. For superb durability and comfort, our dentist will make onlays and inlays from gold, a service that our clinic only offers. Gold dental restorations provide a lower recurring rate of decay, are kinder to the bite as well as last for many years.Cosmetic Inlays Onlays Red Deer Our dentist is proud to carry out this treatment for the restoration of your molars, and she or he charged the same price for them as they do for ceramic onlays and inlays.

Why Consider Dental Onlay and Inlay?

This cosmetic dentistry procedure  is considered one of the strongest, as well as the most lacelike dental restorations accessible. By opting to this treatment, you can eliminate toxins from the tooth, making the tooth stronger as well as bring your tooth to its original condition.

What Is The Process?

Your tooth will be prepared the same way in a conventional tooth filling. However, rather than filling, the part in which the rot is eliminated would be substituted with a specially made puzzle piece made of ceramic.  With the right care, your onlay or inlay will boost your dental wellbeing and will serve much like a natural tooth.

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Inlays Onlays Procedure Near MeIf you’re ready to put back the filling made of silver or want to bring back damaged and a broken tooth, with a durable and tough solution, don’t hesitate to call our Red Deer dentists office. We offer various kinds of dental restorative treatments, including onlays and inlays. We have happy and pleased patients who have gained more confidence since undergoing this procedure. Please call us today!