Dental Cleanings Red Deer

Dental Cleaning Red Deer Near MeDental cleanings help remove stains, plaque, and tartar. You floss and brush regularly, but tartar can still develop. Dental cleanings can help maintain healthy teeth and gums. It’s best to have your teeth cleaned every 6 to 12 months to reduce the risk of developing periodontal disease.

Remember that plaque contains bacteria, which can cause gum disease if not removed through flossing and daily brushing and regular visits to the dentist. Specialized dental instruments are used to get rid of tartar and plaque without damaging the teeth. All dental instruments go through strict sterilizing, cleaning, and disinfecting procedures to guarantee quality control and safety.

 Your Red Deer dentist will inspect all the areas in your mouth using a dental mirror. It’s a dental instrument with elongated handles that are connected to a round mirror. A dental mirror helps the dentist observe the gums and teeth for signs of tartar, bleeding, irritation, decay, and inflammation.

An ultrasonic instrument is utilized to clean teeth. It uses mild vibrations to dislodge large pieces of tartar. This device also sprays a mist of cool water to remove loose debris. An ultrasonic instrument has a curved and rounded tip that moves constantly. The settings can be adjusted to keep the patient comfortable throughout the cleaning process.

Once large pieces of tartar are loosened, one of our Red Deer dentists will use smaller hand-held instruments. One of these tools is the curettes, which is used to get rid of smaller deposits on your teeth and make the surface of the tooth smooth. Each tooth will be scaled one by one to make sure that all tartar is eliminated.Red Deer Dental Cleaning Near Me

Once the tooth surface is smooth, your teeth will be polished. A slow-speed hand piece with a soft rubber cup is used to smooth the teeth. Prophylaxis paste is applied to the rubber cup to create a smooth surface. Fluoride may also be applied, but this is the final step in the cleaning process. It’s available in a wide range of flavors like cherry, mint, and chocolate. Fluoride is put in a flexible foam tray and put over the teeth. This substance is used for strengthening and protecting teeth from plaque and tartar.

Most dental patients say that dental cleanings are painless during this general dentist treatment. The force felt during cleaning, mild vibrations, and mist of water don’t cause discomfort. If you’re starting to feel pain during the procedure, you should tell your dentist right away so that he can recommend other options to make dental cleanings more relaxing.

Most dental cleanings last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. The process is done while the patient is lying on a dental chair. Your teeth will look brighter and feel fresher after a cleaning session. Professional dental cleaning treatments can help treat and prevent periodontal disease as well.

Dental Cleaning Around Red DeerObserving good oral hygiene at home is also crucial in preventing tartar build-up as well as gum disease. You should brush and floss properly when you’re at home. For more information about our dental cleanings, you should call us or book an appointment with our Red Deer dental clinic today.