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General Dentistry Mouth Guards Red DeerIf you are a sport enthusiast, nobody and nothing can stop you from playing your game. Even the high risk of having an oral injury won’t let you turn your back to a particular sport you love.

If you are a mother, and are worried about your children whom you cannot prevent from playing their contact sports, the best thing that you can do is to offer them preventive equipment or gears like helmet, knee pad, ankle bracelet, and a mouth guard.

Some games don’t necessarily require wearing mouth guards, but you should try to convince your children to use them. This is the best way to prevent oral injuries such as loose or teeth being knocked out. Nobody wants to have broken teeth, right? Your children will not like it, the same as you are. Help them realize the advantages of wearing a mouth guard. Want to know more about mouth guard? Hang on, for our Red Deer dentist team will be giving you a walkthrough about everything you need to know about this type of mouth protection.

What Is A Mouth Guard?

This is necessary mouth protection that a player must wear during the entire game. This is a flexible appliance use for athletic and for recreational activities. Its purpose is to protect your teeth from any dental trauma.

We offer dental services in Red Deer, Ab at our dental clinic. The goal of our dentists in Red Deer is to provide the best dental services possible at an affordable price. From the dental examination, initial check-up, treatments, as well as the rest of our general dental and cosmetic dental treatments. Not only that, since our mission is to help you have a healthier set of chompers with our licensed and professional dentists, but we are also pleased to inform you that for those who are seeking dental advice we offer that as well free of charge!Mouth Guards General Dentistry Red Deer

Instead of scheduling our Red Deer dental clinic for dental treatment, we can provide you the best preventive care by sharing with you  the ways on how to maintain a healthy tooth. So, don’t wait for the time that you’ll be asking for a treatment schedule, better yet, have some preventive ways for a healthier smile.

Types Of Dental Injuries

  • Fracture

This can be a chipped tooth, broken tooth, or a root fracture. If an athlete suffers from this, they should seek dental help immediately.

  • Avulsion

Do not scrub, brush, and also do not sterilize teeth. If impossible to re-implant the tooth, bring the athlete to the nearest dental clinic.

  • Luxation

Ø  Extruded Tooth

Ø  Lateral Displacement

How to Prevent Dental Injuries?

Red Deer Mouth Guards Near MeDental injuries can be easily prevented. Our dental experts recommend that use of mouth guards, especially for athletes who have a higher risk for any dental injury wherein impact, collision, and contact with hard surfaces are likely to happen. American Dental Association (ADA) highly recommends wearing a mouth guard for mouth and jaw protection. Moreover, our dental team also supports it.

Mouth Guard Selection

The three kinds of mouth guards are as follows:

  •   Stock or ready-made mouth guards
  •   Mouth formed (boil and bite) mouth guard
  •   Custom- made (those guard made by dentists) mouth guard

Mouth guards vary in price and comfort, yet have the same purpose, which is to protect your teeth from any dental injury.

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