Wisdom Teeth Removal Red Deer

Red Deer Wisdom Tooth RemovalCan you imagine doing things with an impacted tooth? Fair enough if you don’t suffer from any infection rooted from the wisdom teeth. Then again, once you have wisdom teeth, it should be monitored and evaluated to prevent any complication and infection.

Greatly, we have Red Deer dentist professionals that can assist you in knowing your overall dental health. You don’t have to make any further appointments as our experienced dental team will immediately address your concerns. It our privilege to help you have the best dentistry inRed Deer, Ab.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

This is so-called wisdom teeth as it appears in mature ages. This is our third molar that which commonly appears between ages 17 and 21. In other cases, it can still exist later in life if not removed. Wisdom teeth can be helpful if it has enough room to grow in, but when it does not, it can surely cause some dental issues.

Indications That You Need To Remove Your Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth should be extracted by one of our Red Deer Dentists when these signs appear. The checklist includes:

  •   Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

This happens when your wisdom teeth are not in the right position. It only means that it will cause food bits to be captured in between teeth, which eventually favors the bacteria to grow. This now leads for your teeth to decay.

  •   Infection

Once the bacteria have to gain access to your gums, it can cause an infection like swelling and pain in your mandible.

  •   Damage to the adjacent tooth

When you don’t have enough space in your jaw, the wisdom teeth will tend to grow either horizontally or backward, thereby causing havoc to neighbor teeth.

  •   Nerve Pain

Similarly, your nerves will be swollen when your teeth grow persistently.

  •   Cysts

This is the worst yet very rare to happen.

Things to Consider About Wisdom Teeth Removal

  • It is best to undergo wisdom tooth extraction after your general dental treatment in any orthodontic appliance. This is for the reason that your wisdom teeth might just change the placement of your teeth.
  • If your wisdom tooth damages your oral health, you should be better having it removed as early as you can because eliminating it at a later age can bring risks to your major nerve damage in the mandible.

 Post-surgery Instruction

The following are mouth care routines that you should do.


  • You may take ibuprofen every four hours when the pain continues. Nonetheless, you must take the prescribed medicine once the pain is not bearable.
  • Stop doing any forceful activity as it does not help your wound to clot and heal.


  • You should inhibit yourself from eating peanuts, rice or anything small as it can be stuck and harm your surgical site.
  • You may drink cool juices but not using straw since it can unclog the surgical area.


  • You may put an ice pack to alleviate the bruise and pain.

Oral care

  • You should only rinse your mouth after one day of the surgery. On the second day, you may now wash your mouth with diluted salted water every after the meal.

Wisdom Tooth Red Deer CostCall our Red Deer dental clinic if you want or think you need your wisdom teeth removed. You can recover in a wisdom teeth extraction in just four or five days. However, healing varies among us, so you have to watch yourself and everything you do after the surgery. This way, you can assure that there will be no infection that will rise. Call us to day with any questions you may have.